About Us

REPM Association Management is a local real estate management firm servicing San Antonio and the surrounding communities.  We manage all types of communities, both residential and commercial.  Our main goal is to help associations  we serve to preserve the property values of their communities by providing hands-on management.

REPM Association Management offers flexible program options that are customizable to the unique needs of each community we manage.  Our portfolio includes condominiums, single-family neighborhoods, gated and non-gated.  For newer communities, we offer assistance during the transition from developer to resident owners, including warranty follow-up.

We understand our role is to support the Board of Directors in their decisions.  REPM is here to offer guidance and recommendations that help to preserve the property values and physical integrity of the community.  We strive to reduce the legal liabilities and increase the financial strength of your community.

How We Do It

REPM was founded on the principle of fair dealing.  What that means to us can be summed up in these words: Consistency, Transparency, and Customer Service.


While we understand that many different situations can arise in a community, REPM always works towards offering strategies and solutions that are fair to all and guided by the governing documents of the community.  Our recommendations are offered with the well-being of the association as the main consideration.


We feel that while the owners make up the body and soul of the community, the finances are the lifeblood of the association.  We value open communication with the members of every association we manage.  We ensure ample time to review any financial decisions and insist on board member approval before any funds are used.  REPM has no hidden fees or double charges (no “miscellaneous admin” either).

Customer Service

To us this means dedicated, personal service with a focus on your association.  When owners call our office, they will speak directly to a person knowledgeable about their community, not some layered, autonomous answering service.  Our call back policy means that your residents will be attended to promptly.  Our monthly reports to the Board keep members up to date.  REPM will supply a dedicated point-of-contact to foster our relationship with your community.  You will always know who is facilitating your meetings and following up on your action items.

Get Started with REPM

We would love to hear from you! For more information about our services, our management team, or to request a proposal, click here, and enter your request on the form provided.